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“People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors.” ~ Edmund Burke

The family history found in these pages is the result of many years of “looking back”. Beginning in my teen years, with perhaps some foresight of where my curiosity might lead me in the future, I began asking questions of my mother, my brothers, and my aunts and uncles, jotting down dates and people and places as they told the stories of their younger years.

The many notes I took became the springboard for the journey I would later embark on to discover what I could about our ancestors, and it’s a certainty that much of what I have found in the course of my research would not have been possible without their immeasurable help.

My heartfelt thanks to all of my family for their love and encouragement!

As you browse through my family records let me know if you find a connection, there’s always room for more cousins. The same holds true if you have any comments, suggestions or corrections that you would like to bring to my attention.

If you are researching your family history, my wishes to you for the best of luck in your research!

Burnett Branches
Upper Musquodoboit, NS

Upper Musquodoboit, NS

I’ve just recently discovered a new twist in the history of our branch of the Burnett-Youmans family. Until now I had believed that great-grandfather Francis Burnett had come to Lowell MA from Halifax, Nova Scotia on his own.

Not true! Francis arrived with all of his family, with the exception of two older sisters who were married and living in Nova Scotia when the rest of the family removed to Lowell.

I’m quite certain that the Burnett family of Halifax NS (specifically, Upper Musquodoboit, Halifax County) is one and the same as the Burnett family who appears in Lowell MA on the 1900 US census, but it’s another thing altogether to prove it. Yesterday I moved a step closer to doing that when I contacted the cemetery department at Lowell City Hall.

A very helpful woman went through the records and found that Francis’ parents, William and Susan (Kent) Burnett are both buried at the Epson Cemetery in Lowell, along with their daughter Elizabeth and her husband David Heffler. The dates of death are the same as the dates that I have found in death records, as well as a Lowell city directory in which William Burnett’s date of death appears.

A future post will detail the trail I’ve followed in tracing William and Susan Burnett from Halifax to Lowell MA, and connecting them to Francis. It’s been quite a trail!
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What’s New
Old photos of the Burnett branch of the Youmans family have been added!

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Burnett Family Photos

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New! Marriage contract of John Burnett, gunner in the Royal Artillery, and Janet (Jennet) Holman, Musquodoboit, NS Canada.

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Which Susan Kent is the mother of Francis Burnett (1859-1894)? I think I’ve made a good argument for it being Susan Hill Kent!

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